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We do realize that long-term business can only be made with high-quality products, economical prices, quick delivery and speedy service.Hence, the building of mutual trust and confidence by exporting products with value constantly stay at the top of our company policy.

We have with us latest technology machineries for production facilities and our used technology is known to be one of the best in the industry.

Environment & Sustainability

"Knowledge and technology alone are not enough". Manufacturing cutting-edge ceramic products in a perfect balance between eco-sustainability, environmental protection, technological advancement, economic growth and social responsibility is deeply ingrained in Casalgrande Padana's DNA.We innovate respectfully and sensitively. The deliberate star of a well-balanced growth, the Company is proud of its manufacturing cycle, in which every processing step is driven by the pursuit of the highest standards, using ultimately sustainability-oriented industrial plans and environmental and energy procedures.

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Fenix Rock Stone

8-A National Highway, Matel Road,
At : Dhuva, Morbi(Guj) India- 363 621.

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+91 99780 98869